Zoie Stick On Strapless Bra
Zoie Stick On Strapless Bra
Zoie Stick On Strapless Bra
Zoie Stick On Strapless Bra

Zoie Stick On Strapless Bra

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From Ellie and Ruby Australia's lingerie underwear for women, comes this silicone sexy bra with no straps at all. This innovative push up bra adheres securely with sticky self adhesive silicone to the bust, and gives instant lift with the pull of a drawstring.

Ellie and Ruby Australia has a passion for quality and fashion. Make sure you get the Ellie and Ruby quality bra for that quality look and feel for your body. This Bra includes an original "Ellie and Ruby" Retail Gift Box.

Having trouble with some strapless bras falling off? Not fitting properly? Can't adjust them to fit your size or your clothes you're wearing?

Well this is the bra for you. Strapless, backless and easy to wear.

  • Fully adjustable with its drawstring to fit your exact size
  • Matches the clothes you're wearing
  • Tighten it up for a more "push up" look


  • Material
    • Surface Mesh: Nylon + spandex
    • Inner layer: sticky silicone adhesive
    • Accessories: Drawstring + plastic buckle

Fabric Care

Please remember to keep the transparent protective film as you will need to place it when not using the bra for protecting the quality of the cup.

How to remove

First unlock the anterior cingulate, and then cover with one hand and hold the centre. With one hand extended towards direction buttons, slowly peel off the cup, and after removing, if there is sticky residue on the skin, just gently wipe with water to remove.


Clean with room temperature water after each use; must contain emollients or neutral soap. If you don't lightly wash them, sweat discharge will remain in and the cover label gel will slowly loosen.


Recommend hand wash, do not machine wash, can not be washed with hot water, room temperature water is best. After washing, gently remove excess water and allow to dry in the basin and not on a surface where it can stick. 

Do not use paper towels or a towel as something might get stuck on the surface of the cup.

After it dries, put the transparent protective film back on it as soon as possible to prevent dust or anything to attach to the surface.

Please Note: Please refer to our sizing chart and choose carefully as due to health and safety, we have a no exchange or returns policy on our lingerie and swimwear.

Package Includes

Black Strapless Stick On Drawstring Bra

Please allow 7-10 days to receive your entire order, you may receive multiple shipments.

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