Gold Collagen Lip Mask
Gold Collagen Lip Mask
Gold Collagen Lip Mask

Gold Collagen Lip Mask

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Gold Collagen Lip Mask smoothes, moisturises and rehydrates lips by cell regeneration, leaving lips plump and more fuller looking.

The collagen lip mask is a perfect and very natural solution to more youthful looking

lips by hydrating the lips making them soft with less appearance of fine lines.

Potential Benefits:

  • Smooth, dry repair, cell regeneration. Removal of dead skin cells from the lips, making lips soft and smooth.
  • Powerful moisturising effect to conserve lips
  • Collagen to fill the lip lines and create a fuller and more plumper effect.
  • Effective against ultraviolet rays, to keep lips moist to avoid ageing lips.


1. Clean and dry lips thoroughly.
2. Open package, apply mask and gently smooth the outer edges.
3. Apply any excess liquid from the packet to your mask for more hydration.
4. Lie back relax for 20 - 30 minutes.
5. Remove the mask gently, and apply a lip balm to lock in moisture.
6. Use regularly for the best results


  • Open carefully to avoid spilling liquid
  • Avoid using on sunburned, scratched skin, swollen, blemishes or inflamed skin.
  • Stop using the products if you feel any discomfort.
  • Avoid using on sensitive skin.
  • This mask cannot be reused.
  • Store in a cool place
  • keep out of reach of children

Package Includes:

Gold Collagen Lip Mask

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