Limited Edition | Donita Bottom | Sea Wash

Limited Edition | Donita Bottom | Sea Wash

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High waisted pant DONITA, features soft and flexible top band for structure without feeling tight or restrictive. The high waisted band is wonderful for those who like a little extra coverage around the stomach without sacrificing style, but can also be folded down for a low rise look. Engineered seams and panels contour your body, creating a beautiful hourglass figure and flattering high-cut sides create the illusion of longer legs. Pair DONITA with a sheer mesh dress, and heavy metal accessories for a bombshell night time look. After wearing DONITA for the first time, you will want this piece to be visible all day and night, no matter the occasion.

This season is all about a touch of rustic... ‘SEA WASH’ is a Limited Edition dark navy, hand dyed using non toxic pigment... each piece is as unique as each wave that rolls onto shore... a swirl of unpredictable hues, including blue, green and brown for a shipwreck look. 

NOTE: Hand made pieces will vary in colour, tone and pattern from product images. Please email for images of exact pieces if colour is of concern.

Designed on the Gold Coast, Australia.
Handmade in the island of the gods, Bali.
Please allow 7-10 days to receive your entire order, you may receive multiple shipments.

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